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20th Century Fox exhibitor relations site
  The official site for theatre owners and managers to access the Fox trailers, one sheets, promotional materials, etc.

Ain't It Cool News
  One of the finest web sites with the worst name ever. The site that makes strong studio execs weep! Inside track and reviews on many, many movies. Want to know if it's a hit or a dog? Find out here. We use it for booking. Oh yeah: they cover TV too but who cares about that?

Analyst and Reader of Screenplays and Scripts
  HELP TO YOU THE SCREENWRITER... From an industry professional with vast experience in script analysis, offering reasonable rates. Increase your chances for success! See my web site for details before submitting script to an agent/producer/studio or contest.

Apollo Cinema
  Find all the greatest short films here. See the 2002 Academy Award Nominated Shorts.

Best Movie Sites
  A well run simple link fest of film business sites which might be puffy, frothy, useful, or crucial for those who would know everything about our film world.

  We distribute short films theatrically and in all other markets worldwide. We book shorts to play in front of features and we compile several titles to play as feature length programs.

Box Office Guru
  One of the best sources of box office grosses and film exhibition information with additional well worthy features available on subscription basis.

Box Office Online
  A great resource for theatre owners and anyone who wants to know what goes on in the movie theatre world.This is the web version of the essential magazine; Boxoffice. News, reviews, interviews, searchable archives, and special reports. Box office numbers updated every Friday.

Break Into Screenwriting: Script Marketing Advice
  This site offers screenwriters and filmakers tips, tools and resources to help them get their scripts read and recommended to the movies. Special features include interviews with film pros, screenplay tutorials, script marketing tips and insider information from an experienced LA screenwriter.

  Has some of the Web's most active movie gossip message boards, links to and comments on industry news at other sites.

Cinematographer's Day
  Cinematographer's Day provides the venue within an international film festival to influence filmmaking by promoting artistic and technical exchange among directors of photography and their creative collaborators.

  CineMedia now features over 25,000 films and media sites, including 5,000 sites devoted to actors as well as links to over 700 magazines and journals, 800 film and video festivals, and 400 TV networks and channels.

  Last remaining remnant of "Counts down" to release of genre films. Primarily studio-provided content.

Dark Horizons
  How do they do it? Garth from Australia nails upcoming films with a worldwide army of undercover reporters who tell all. A fun and savy tool for insiders, players, and people who need to know.

DRIVE-INS.COM is the largest collection of drive-in theater information anywhere online. The site includes news, surveys, photo gallery, and stats on the drive-ins of North America.

DRIVEinMOVIE.COM is dedicated to the culture, history, preservation and promotion of drive-in theaters. As multiplexes multiply and as screen sizes continue to shrink, drive-in theaters offer a nostalgic alternative and also a greater value for the dollar.
  8mm/Super8 Collectors Forum, 16mm Collectors Forum, 35mm Collectors Forum Film. FAQ's, Films For Sale, Films Wanted, Film Auctions, Links, Buyer-Dealer Ratings and much more. Easy-to-use forum format.

Film & TV Connection
  Film & TV Connection: an entertainment industry school with 5,000 students worldwide who train on-site at major film studios, video production companies, radio and TV stations, recording studios and record labels.

Film Folks 2000
  The Worldwide Internet Directory of Technicians and Artisians for The Motion Picture and Television Industry.

Film Scouts
  Original multimedia programming, movie trailers and stills, festival coverage, celebrity interviews, useful information, humor, reviews, and commentary.

  A hot bed of convivial conversation for booth, sound, and movie theatre operators.
  An in depth site for the latest news and links about film fests around the world.
  The essential exhibition magazine's on-line location with news, reviews, archived search, and more.

Filmmaking Careers
  Filmmaking-Careers: your resource for film making information; including cinematography, high-def videography, script writing, film education, and more.

Hollywood Online
  It's big and bright! News of the motion picture industry. Movie notes, trailers, sneak peeks, video clips, chat, multimedia kits, box office reports, and more.

Hollywood Script Writing
  Hollywood Script Writing provides insider tips and a simple step by step method to transform your ideas into a bankable screenplay.

  Here is a great source of information in the field of Independent Exhibitors. You can find upcoming independent movies that include a review and opening date and much more.

Internet Movie Database
  The IMDb is the ultimate online movie database covering over 160,000 titles and 500,000 people with facts, trivia, reviews and multimedia links from the earliest films to the latest releases. It's big, it's huge, it works.

  Known best for thorough reviews on everything from trailers to DVD's. Also lots of pictures and clips from films in production.

LF Examiner
  LF Examiner is the independent print newsletter of the Large-Format (e.g. IMAX) film industry. Each monthly issue provides the latest news on the business of making, distrubuting, and showing giant-screen movies.

Media Salles European Cinema
  In depth, incredible site funded by the Italian government lists everything there is to know about cinema from Portugal to Finland and out into Eastern Europe. Theatres, distribs, etc.

Monarch Films
  The website of one of the leaders in the distribution of documentary films and reality programming to broadcast TV worldwide. Includes detailed synopses, reviews, and streamed promos of Monarch's 200 hours of programming; a submission area for filmmakers wanting to submit their programming to Monarch; and indie film info resources.

Motion Picture Exhibitors Forum
  This is a forum hosted through forums so when you get to the front door you need to type in the proper name of the forum. This is a good group of managers, emps, owners, etc. talking about the business of theatre ops in all its' nuances.

MRQE:Movie Review Query Engine
  This is a great site for movie reviews. Type in the movie you wish to review and you will get listings from all the top newspapers and magazines. This is a resource that can't be beat.

Ostrow and Company
  Ostrow and Company is a full service consultation and film representation company. Our mission is to guide and assist in the development, packaging, financing and distribution of quality feature film projects. Film packages may be in various stages of development including completed films which require representation in order to secure the best possible distribution deal.

Paramount exhibitor relations
  Paramount's official exhibitor relations site to access all their one sheets, trailers, materials, etc.

Screen Network Australia
  Screen Network Australia is the gateway to the Australian film and television industry on the internet.

This site is an Australian film industry initiative, designed to provide current, quality information for and about the industry, for industry professionals and film fans alike.

Screenplay Coverage/Hollywood Script Analysis
  An experienced Story Analysist offers screenplay coverage that allows you to see your script as the studios see it, plus insider tips. is dedicated to the art of independent film and video making.

Story & Script Development
  Story & Script Development. An international script consultant provides in-depth evaluation and development notes for writers, writer-directors and independent producers.

The American Cinematheque
  The American Cinematheque at the historic 1922 Grauman's Hollywood Egyptian Theatre presents year-round new and classic American films, independent and foreign-quite frequently in connection with in-person appearances by the filmmakers and actors.

The Force
  Every possible tidbit of news on "Star Wars" movies and their casts. Run by online media company IGN.

The One Ring
  Everything you could possibly want to know about "The Lord Of The Ring" trilogy and then some.
  "theOffice" is a high-end, private work environment. The perfect place for writers and other professionals to get real work done, free from distractions and interruptions of daily life. theOffice inspires creativity and productivity by offering premium-quality services in an artful environment. and Post Wanted offer Post-Production services for independent film and video producers.

Universal exhibitor relations
  Universal official exhibitor relations site for theatre owners, managers, bookers, etc to order materials for the films we show.

  Find out when your favorite movie will be released on DVD or Video. Great sight, all movies are listed.

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