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TOPIC: 3d Movies, Digital and Imax MPX

3d Movies, Digital and Imax MPX 04 Oct 2005 02:50 #24976

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Having read a few articles I am still very confused as a Cinema operator to decide which 3d compay to go for and what the future will hold for us.

With InThree, Nuvision, Imax and Real d all fighting over the future $$$$ in distributing/exhibiting movies in 3d. Does anybody have any thoughts or knowledge on what in-three, Imax, Nuvision and real d are planning?
Will they run on all 2d movies or just a few each year? WIll us as exhibitors have to join both inthree and real d to screen all the 3d movies? Will they work together on the same digital projector/screen etc?
Will there be any more fees involved for distribution? I understand Imax are approx 3-5% extra on the Gross $$$ or maybe say Approx $30,000 US whichever the greater for DMR MPX Imax movies on top of the fees you normally pay to the distributor. IMAX is also as a guess about $10,000 US per year for servicing. Does anybody know the exact amounts? They say they are going to do about 5-6 DMR movies per year.
I have head that real d is $50,000 US upfront and $25,000 per year with about two movies per year. I think they are doing Chicken Little and Monster House.
I guess that Real D is for small screens and Imax MPX is for 21 metre screens max.
Does anybody know about the deals for In-three and Nu-Vision?
Where is the future going to be with these systems?
What will happen if In-Three wins the courtcase with Imax? Will we all have 3d.

What will happen if Imax wins?

How come Chicken Little was converted from 2d to 3d and there was no patent to stop them doing it as with the case with inthree and Imax?

Has anybody seen the quality of all the systems. I have only seen Imax MPX and Imax GT and they looked very good but how do the digital systems compare? Is Showscan 3d still around? How did it compare?

Are they all worth the money?

If our competitors get the 3d market are we going to lose market share?

Which is the best system to go for?

How long do you think it will be until we have to make a decision and we see all the 3d systems and movies come out?

Do you think it is a fad or is it here to stay?

Your thoughts please.
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