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Re: SANTA CONQUERS THE MARTIANS 21 Dec 2011 13:55 #37653

  • Larry Thomas
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I'm guessing most plexes put the title and showtimes on their answering machine and website, and probably nothing else to make people aware of it.

I played it in Lexington KY (not huge; not tiny) as part of a four-week Christmas Classics series. While WHITE CHRISTMAS is the reigning champ so far, SANTA AND THE MARTIANS wasn't too far behind MIRACLE ON 34TH ST. The final film is IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE this Fri. and Sat. Even if SANTA ends up the lowest grosser, it was still good enough to make it worth the effort.

And a Merry, a Happy, and a Ho-Ho-Ho to all y'all!
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Re: SANTA CONQUERS THE MARTIANS 21 Dec 2011 23:27 #37656

  • JPRM
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As Roxy and Larry have mentioned or implied, the secret ingredients to the success of something like this are showmanship, marketing...and probably just being in the right theater. I live in a city that's very supportive of this sort of thing - and of indie theaters, one-screens, etc.

Out of curiosity, really, I took my kid to a matinee last Sunday. It had a decent crowd in a small theater - not huge, but no disappointment either. HOWEVER...this particular theater is running this thing for an entire WEEK, twice a day. Kids aren't even allowed in for the 9pm show (they serve beer and wine at night). I have no idea how it's holding up for seven days, but good on the theater for giving it a shot.

And the show itself? I'm no fan of the feature, and I'd say the whole thing was at least one public-domain cartoon too long. But my kid liked it, we had pizza...and he got to see something a little different from the current Hollywood fare. All in all, it was a good afternoon at the movies. I hope there's something like this again next year.
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Re: SANTA CONQUERS THE MARTIANS 31 Dec 2011 11:54 #37688

I can see the appeal in this concept in the right market. There's also the "good will" aspect. We have a single screen small town theater close buy. Only does PG-13 and G Family movies. They do a can drive at Thanksgiving and run 3 Stooges Films. Even though the heating system is poor the place gets packed. I think it goes a long way in the community. The business is not just about profit on the ticket and the town supports the owners year round.
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