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TOPIC: a digital dream

Re: a digital dream 16 Nov 2007 07:14 #16745

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, helvetica">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by cinequip:
<B>Well, here, finally are the comments from one of those dealers "that will be out of business when 35mm is gone."

It doesn't really matter whether the up time is 99.3% or not. Digital will be a reality for all of us sooner or later, so we all have to address the topic and become proactive. Fact: digital gear is technologically more complicated than 35mm. Just like newer cars, the owner can't fix as much as he used to - so the one lost show while you change out a GR-8 gear is a thing of the past. If the problem is difficult, you're down until an engineer arrives.

Some things are the same - rectifier, igniter, xenon bulb, reflector, lens, douser, exhaust fan, but beyond that you're dealing with electronics & software. Might I add, electronics and software that are constantly going through revisions. This is going to be a problem - already has for the early adopters. Two year old projectors are now going through firmware and hardware upgrades to be compatible with 3D - for example. Replacing a blown rectifier might require firmware upgrades. Digital is certainly not a piece of cake, nor does it solve all your presentation problems. However, i'm all for the change, and we are constantly learning and training for this new technology.

Digital has often been sold as the saviour of the biz, but it may in fact be the death of it for many. We're used to buying used projectors that outlast the building. We now enter an age with frequent upgrades and equipment change out. (how old is your computer?) Those that are lucky enough to get a decent VPF deal are covered for the length of the contract, if they can hack the overpriced service contracts. The real and long term answer is fairly priced gear that you own and control the service on. That day is coming sooner than you might think. So make your best deal with an integrator, or hang on and plan to buy the gear when you have to. Even those who go the integrator route will have to buy their gear eventually, since it's owned by the intergrator throughout the term of the contract.

For the record, we completed 10 multiplex projects in 2007 - one of them with D-Cinema equipment. We have another 10 projects on the books for 2008 - one of them with 35mm equipment. The pendulum has swung.</B><HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Great post. Factual and realistic information from someone who is intimately involved with this transition.

"As long as there are sunsets and stars at night, there will always be drive-in movies."
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