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TOPIC: High Jinks

High Jinks 15 Dec 2000 12:49 #990

  • dr
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I just got this EMail I'd like to share with all of you. Maybe we all pick this guy's locks and expose the crime as I'm shiure this can't be legal. I wrote back asking him some specific questions about how he got these prints. Let you all know what says, if he answers at all.
Here goes.

vertical limit

vertical limit now available on vhs and vcd. yes this is the version that is
playing in your neighborhood theater starring chris o'donnell

interested in the latest films in your theater right now on vhs or vcd??
films like the grinch, unbreakable, and charlies angels?? well now you can
get these films immediately, on vhs or vcd (will play on your pc or dvd
player) excellent quality films, in their entirety.

each film is $15
3 for $42
5 for $65
plus $2 shipping per film
below is our latest list:

how the grinch stole christmas jim carrey, the biggest film of 2000
unbreakable bruce willis, samuel jackson, huge hit
little nicky adam sandler, hilarious
meet the parents robert deniro, ben stiller
charlies angels cameron diaz, drew barrymore
the 6th day arnold
102 dalmations great kids film
remember the titans denzel washington, awesome movie
men of honor robert deniro, cuba gooding jr.
the rugrats in paris susan sarandon, john lithgow,
kids film
snatch (unreleased in the U.S.) brad pitt, guy ritchie (madonna's
legend of bagger vance will smith, matt damon
coyote ugly a slew of gorgeous women run a bar
blair witch project 2 scary
red planet val kilmer
pay it forward kevin spacey, helen hunt, the 6th
sense kid
the contender jeff bridges, gary oldham
lost souls winona ryder
exorcist 2000 linda blair, WOW is all i can say
the ladies man saturday night live guy
the watcher keaneau reaves, james spader
undersuspicion morgan freeman
bring it on kristin dunst, cheerleading film
the yards mark wahlberg, corruption, excellent
million dollar hotel (unreleased in U.S) mel gibson, VHS only
Ordinary decent criminal (unreleased in U.S) kevin spacey
bedazzled brendan fraser
dinosaur kids film
cecil b demented (unreleased in U.S)
highlander endgame Theatrical Version
highlander endgame UNCUT very hard to find
duets gwynneth paltrow
almost famous kate hudson, 60's
space cowboys clint eastwood, tommy lee jones
hollowman kevin bacon, elizabeth schu
me, myself and irene jim carrey
girlfight womens boxing film, excellent
gone in 60 seconds nicholas cage, stealing cars
what lies beneath harrison ford, michelle pfiefer,
urban legends, final cut
the way of the gun gabrielle byrne, extremely violent
the cell jennifer lopez, vince vaughn
dr. t and the women richard gere, helen hunt, farah
get carter sylvester stallone
shaft samuel jackson

coming in this week
bounce with gwynneth paltrow and ben affleck
billy elliott, best picture academy award whisper
requiem for a dream

feel free to e mail me with any questions or your order.
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Re: High Jinks 15 Dec 2000 19:45 #991

  • Ken Layton
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Turn them in to the Motion Picture Association of America right away at

They have a piracy hotline. Anyone who turns in a pirate can get a big CASH reward!

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Re: High Jinks 18 Dec 2000 15:17 #992

Many of these pirated videos and video CD's are simply shot from a theatre screen with a camcorder. As you might expect, the quality is TERRIBLE. I have seen videos seized from pirates that have shadows of people walking in front of the camera, and the sound of the audience talking, coughing or crumpling their candy wrappers. They are usually blurry, dim, and have severe flicker.

As Ken notes, the Motion Picture Association ( ) is very agressive in prosecuting film piracy, and does have a hotline for tips. Many prints contain a Coded Anti-Piracy "CAP" code that uniquely identifies each print and is recorded by anyone making a video copy. The MPA is able to decode the CAP code on pirated videos to trace the origin of the copy. Don't let it be traced to your theatre!!!

Post signs prohibiting the use of video cameras or recorders in the theatre, and notifying people that the authorities will be called to make an arrest. Offer a reward to anyone on the staff or in the audience who reports someone videotaping a movie.

Film piracy hurts us all.

John P. Pytlak
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Re: High Jinks 18 Dec 2000 17:58 #993

  • Mike
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I saw a guy selling these on 8th Ave in NYC and yes the quality is horrific! I'm amazed that people would take this public. Who says crime don't pay!

Mike Hurley
Michael Hurley
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