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TOPIC: Concession Pricing

Concession Pricing 19 Nov 2000 11:02 #882

  • Linda
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How do you determine concession prices? Is it a certain percentage mark up or is there some other way to determine what you charge. If it is a certain mark up, what figure to you use?
While its kinda neat when people tell me they love coming to the theater because our prices are so "cheap", I think I'm almost pricing myself out of business. Of course,on the other end, people who only come to my theater think our prices are outrageous.
Also, do you use the humongous sizes that take 3 people to eat or do you use sizes that a normal person can eat during one movie?

We charge:
32 Oz. Popcorn 1.00 46 Oz. Popcorn 1.50 85 OZ Popcorn $3.00 with a refill
16 Oz. $1.00 24 oz $1.50 32 Oz. $3.00 with a refill.
85 oz popcorn and 32 oz dring 5.00
85 oz popcorn and 2 24 oz drings 5.00
Hot dog and med drink 2.50 Hot dogs are 1.50 alone.
Kiddie pack. equivalent of 32 oz popcorn 12 oz drink and small M & M 2.00

Let me know what you think. Thanks Linda
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Re: Concession Pricing 19 Nov 2000 15:36 #883

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When we opened the theatre we guessed the concession prices. Then we went to another theatre and learned that we were a dollar under market. We adjusted our prices the next month.

Fact: 30% of your audience buys concessions. There is almost no way to increase that amount. The big boys have tried and failed.

Fact: The 30% who do buy concessions are not price sensitive. If they complain and then pay for the item, they will either not pay or not complain the next time.

Small, 85oz, $3.25
Med, 130oz, $3.75
Large, 185oz, $4.25

Mini Combo, $3.00
12oz drink, 40oz popcorn

Small, 22oz, $2.75
Med, 32oz, $3.25
Large, 44oz, $3.75

Candy, $1.50-$3.00

Frozen Drinks, $3.50

Cappuccino, $3.00

Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, $1.50

Bagel Dogs, $3.00

Giant Cookies, $2.25

Ice Cream Bars, $3.00

We are still about $.50 under market for our concession items. But we just can’t bring ourselves to charge that much yet. They offer one refill on large items, we don’t. We offer real Butter, which is 4 times the cost of the fake stuff. They use the unused popcorn the next day, we don’t.
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