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TOPIC: Ah the eve of Holy Week, DST, and a Full Moon

Ah the eve of Holy Week, DST, and a Full Moon 02 Apr 2004 19:21 #7849

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As a theatre owner, I don't often expound on the wackiness of the daily existence we all know so well. Today, however, has been particularily, what's the word, "special."

Last night we fired a relatively new hire, whom we found wasn't cutting the mustard and whom we did not have confidence would improve. It's not something we do lightly or very often. It solved a problem and put some others on notice to shape up.

So today, I spent a great deal of time working with the fine folks at RTS shifting our server from station 1 to station 2. Our station 1 touch screen unit has developed a fan problem and needs to go back for service. So that was all kinds of pre-opening fun that we don't normally have and including somehow wiping out the week's showtime schedule. It's so much fun building the showtimes schedule with people waiting to get in!

Got all that dealt with. Moved station 5 to the station 1 position and after another call to RTS found out how to get the tickets printing. I now know more of the inner workings of RTS than I ever did before. Thumbs up to Nicole at RTS for all her help!

So the kid we fired came in to pick up his paycheck while I'm scrambling around with the ticket printer. To top that off another kid, whom we felt we needed to put on notice, came in to resign effective immediately, he's moving out of town. Wished him well and that's that and just fine. (He hadn't heard about the firing until he ran into kid #1 in the lobby) He nicely found someone to cover his shifts for the next week, which we appreciated. We privately say a Hallalulah that we don't have to worry about kid #2 anymore.

The ad agency for Newmarket included us in the display ads for Passion this weekend, even though we dropped the film as of Thursday night. So, a woman calls up and wants to know if we are playing it. I nicely explained that no, it ended last night. "But it's Holy week!" she says. And I explained that all films have a life cycle and in this theatre Passion had run its course. "But it's Holy week! Is it playing anywhere else?" she asks. I explained that its still playing in the town North of us and the town South of us in the big plexes. "Don't you think you could make more money playing The Passion then any other film you could play because its Holy week?" she asks. No, I said, we needed to move on. Well tell your manager your making a mistake. I'm the owner, I tell her. "Well that's terrible. It's Holy week!" she informs me again. At which point I responded "Well damn me to hell but we aren't playing the movie anymore" Yeah, that was probably over the top, inappropriate and uncalled for. Even my business partner was a little shocked.

Anyway, get off the phone with her and a little later this old guy calls to ask if The Company will be playing at the same time on Sunday because of day light savings time or not. He's looking at our ad in the paper. Our ad says "April 2nd - April 8th." So I patiently explain that The Company will play its 3:30 show at 3:30 on non-daylight savings time on Saturday and its 3:30 show at 3:30 on day light savings time on Sunday. Three times we went through this.

So I looked at the calendar and discovered its a full moon on Monday. Can't wait to see what the rest of the weekend brings!
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Re: Ah the eve of Holy Week, DST, and a Full Moon 02 Apr 2004 22:19 #7850

Sounds like you had an intersting day.

I personally miss all of that stuff. I have been out of a theatre for almost 2 years.

It's cool though I am breaking back into the business (never really left mentally). I am hoping to have a traveling theatre going within weeks.

Investors are excited... Now just if they would sign those checks.

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Re: Ah the eve of Holy Week, DST, and a Full Moon 03 Apr 2004 07:52 #7851

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Joshua, if you haven't described it elsewhere here on these Forums, please describe your "Traveling Theatre"; it sounds interesting.
Nature of facility? (rental, tent, what?)
Number of seats?
Area of operation, localities?
Nature of projection and screen?
Et Cetera!
Jim R. (new E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) member:
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