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TOPIC: New theater in a big city with other theaters

New theater in a big city with other theaters 23 Oct 2012 14:08 #39406

We are looking at opening a theater new from the ground up in the Tulsa Metro area.
There are the following theaters
AMC 20
hollywood 12 which is across the street from the AMC
Dickinson 20
and Cinemark 16 with IMax

The problem is not that Tulsa does not have theaters they have crappy theaters.
The dickinson is run down the arm rests in some of the theaters are gone just the bare metal of the chair is there. The place smells when you are in allot of the theaters. Its just really like mangement could care less about it.

The Cinemark is all digital and is really the only good theater in town and gets good reviews for the most part. People say the worst thing is the staff allot of the time doesnt have good help they would rather text then help sell tickets or make popcorn.

The hollywood in the mall use to be decent but it has kind of gone downhill over the last few years. Its set up very weird as 6 are on the bottom floor and 6 are on top of the bottom 6. They use to be THX theater but i dont know if they still are. Again complaints range from popcorn and sticky gum on the floor and seats to lights coming on in the middle of the show.

The AMC is ok but again over the years it has gone down as well. Its still better then the dickinson which i have seen 2nd run theaters in better shape. But it has become a place where they let people hang out in the parking lot and on weekends lots of teens hang out in the parking lot and some people dont want to go worried someone will break into the car while they are inside.

My belief is you come in with a nice theater with high quality service and luxury and excellence harking back to the days of ol you can run a couple of these out of business.

Am i a dreamer or could it be done? Growing up in Wichita, KS i saw it done from a guy named Bill Warren. I remember when he built his first theater in town and one by one the other theaters in town could not compete. There is now 1 other theater a dickinson left besides his 4 theaters in town.
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