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TOPIC: Jack O - The Rodeo looks GREAT!

Jack O - The Rodeo looks GREAT! 24 Feb 2005 10:39 #28786

  • D. Bird
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Just saw some pix of the new box offices at Rodeo, they look FANTASTIC, I'm sure you guys are quite pleased. When does the season start for you? I'm in BC with the family this winter, about a million miles away over in the Rockies, but it'd be fun to see the place.....

D. Bird
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Re: Jack O - The Rodeo looks GREAT! 24 Feb 2005 11:01 #28787

  • Ken Layton
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Those new boxoffices are like luxury condos compared to what Jack had there before. They are nice and he can really get those cars through there fast-fast-fast now. You should see the things going on there now. Jack's installing DTS and Dolby Digital sound right now as we speak. He's also got 3 brand new Big Sky lamphouses installed. There's a new roof going up on the snack bar right now and soon the snack bar building is getting a much needed painting. There's more new equipment in the kitchen and brand new playground equipment. You've got to stop in and check all this stuff out. The theater is FANTASTIC! Must see!
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Re: Jack O - The Rodeo looks GREAT! 24 Feb 2005 16:02 #28788

  • rodeojack
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Ahhh, you guys make me blush (hmmmm... no smilie for that...)

What's sad about all that we've done here over the past few years is being able to see what we still have to do... and it seems the more you improve on things, the worse the un-fixed stuff looks.

Well, let's see...
Cindy and I had been planning to re-do our boxoffice buildings for some time... the old ones could barely hold one cashier. Trying to put two people in one booth was asking for a sexual harrassment suit (thank goodness it was usually my wife & me!). The garbage company settled the construction date for us last year, when they took out the roof with one of their trucks.

The design of the complex is similar to the old ones... but the booths are wider. I pulled new comm lines for phone & network, which let us add 4 RTS stations. The rooms have heat & AC, so our head cashier is much more comfortable (gotta keep the wife happy!).

We've added some new playground equipment... and some more is on the ground, waiting for us to find the time to install it.

ALL of our roofs here are flat

As Ken said, we just finished re-roofing the booth with some of the new torch-down stuff... pretty neat. The main building is next, then our house. The contractors are sanding down the bathrooms right now (always a problem around here). Then, they'll be painting the whole building, in & out. We've picked up the new lamphouses over the past 3 years, & the difference in our picture quality is amazing. The booth has been a collection of 27 years worth of additions, deletions & changes, so it was time to get it done right. We consolidated the electronics in one place, patched up the holes in the walls & gave it a paint job. I'll actually like working up there now!

I'll get some pictures sent up when it's finished... though I imagine Steve will be around when we open, so he might do that for me.

What's gratifying about it all, is that the Country's "rediscovery" of drive-ins has made a lot of it possible. I'm seeing crowds (and boxoffice lines) like I remember sitting in when I was a kid (just a few years ago). It's an awful lot of fun, just being able to put something substantial back into a place like this.
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