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TOPIC: aisle lighting

aisle lighting 13 Jan 2005 23:20 #28744

  • sals
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I've been looking for step lighting...these are the possibilities I've found so far:

Tempo Industries, nice but pricey.
Ecoglo photoluminescent stair bull nose , pricey too .
Rope lights mounted in track on the risers.
Down lights. Any source for reasonable fixtures?

I'm looking to make my stairs be safe without spending a fortune, but maybe that's not possible...

Any suggestions?

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Re: aisle lighting 13 Jan 2005 23:40 #28745

  • muviebuf
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Stay away from Permalite. No service after the sale.

I called to seek replacement lights for Pemrlite ones that had burned out. Permalite said they could not possibly have burned out in the time that I had them. Well, I replied that I have several burned out lights. Impossible they said. Must have wired them wrong or on too long a run or something. I offered to pay for the replacements and placed an order.... it never came. Called the sales rep.... always the same BS... we will get you replacement lamps... they never come. Have to wonder how (of if) they are still in business.

Finally found an alternative sourve for the replacement lamps.

BOTTOM LINE.....stay away from Permalite!
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Re: aisle lighting 14 Jan 2005 18:26 #28746

  • Ken Layton
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Try Celestial Lighting ( at 1-800-233-3563
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Re: aisle lighting 15 Jan 2005 18:21 #28747

  • jimor
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These days it is silly to use anything but L.E.D.s for such lighting since they have the only really long life span needed to reduce maintenance. So-called 'long life' incandescents such as 'grain-of-wheat' bulbs can at best deliver 25,000 hours, but an LED, if properly made in the first place, should easily deliver in excess of 30 times that life span, and, in fact, if not physically, thermally, or electrically injured, it can be left lit forever, since nothing 'burns' in an LED; the materials of it are simply stimulated to continually change energy levels moment by moment and essentially release on photon of light for every incoming electron. Still, if a maker overdrives the tiny 'chip' of rare earths inside the silicon substrate, the excess electrons will boil away tiny amounts of the 'earths' causing eventual failure of the light. Still, even a poorly designed or made string of such LEDs should last many times longer than an incandescent or even neon string, since both of them involve the emissions and loss of limited material, which an LED should not. There is a good discussion of this on the pages of the
Jim R. (new E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) member:
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