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TOPIC: Coffee! Nachos! Bottled Drinks!

Coffee! Nachos! Bottled Drinks! 28 Mar 2005 22:01 #26838

Hello everyone!

A couple of qustions:

Do you sell your nachos with included Salsa and Cheese? What is your total cost (tray/sauce/chips)?

What is the typical cost for coffee (cups/lids/product)?

When you buy "CONTOUR" bottles, for all the soda, water (591ml - Canadian sorry) and Gatorade type juices, plus 1 litres, what is your cost form Pepsi/Coke for each bottle?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Re: Coffee! Nachos! Bottled Drinks! 28 Mar 2005 23:44 #26839

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Re: Coffee! Nachos! Bottled Drinks! 17 Aug 2005 20:41 #26840

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Hi Andrew
I will have to get back to you on cost on everything but these are the costs I know off by heart.

We are paying $18 per kilo for coffee. And we have about 8 grams per shot. So if we look at 10 grams per shot we are looking at 100 coffees for $18 which is about 18 cents each.
We have 12 and 16 ounce coffee cups. They are about 16 cents each and 18 cents Australian each. The lids are about 7 cents each. There are 30 mils to an ounce. And 1000 mils to a litre. So a 16 ounce cup is about 1/2 litre. Milk prices are 1 litre $1.65, 2 Litres $2.95 and $4.30 for three litres. SO say about $1.50 per litre.
We put two shots of coffee in a 16 ounce cup.
So for 16 ounce cup say
So say 36 cents for coffee
25 cents cup and lid
75 cents milk
so say about $1.36 each

Potato Chips we were paying about $1.20 each we sell for about $2.50

Pepsi and Coke we are paying about $4.25 per litre and are mixed about 5 to 1 with water. SO say 6 litres for $4.25 plus cup, lid and straw and gas. If you do buy Bag In Box just be careful about prices for Bag In Box as National Companies are probably about $2.50 per litre for coke and Pepsi. We are at around $4.00 per litre and some companies are paying around $16 per litre for bag in box. Because they don't have the volume. We are paying approx $66 per 1000 for Pepsi cups and approx $66 for 2000 lids.

Nachos I haven't worked out.

Premium Ice cream about $2.20 per litre and you get about 4-5 choc tops per litre. So say about 50 cents each. Cones are about 13 cents each and we pay $55 for 15 litres of chocolate. This does us for about 1000 choc tops so about 5.5 cents each. So about 70 cents for choc top plus labour.

We pay about 35 cents for 600 ml of bottled water. We sell for about $2.00. The large chains sell for $3.00. About $1.10 for 600ml bottle coke/pepsi.Sell for about $2.50.

For Orange Juice that is short life (goes out of date in about three weeks) about $1.30 each sell for about $3.00.

Popcorn seed about $16.20 for about 15 kilos.
I'll have to post you the price for Gatorade tomorrow.

Talk Soon


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