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TOPIC: Concessions Promotions

Concessions Promotions 14 Nov 2001 14:31 #25683

There are at least four big movies out this year that and I wondering what would be the best one to promote with concession boxes, bags, and cups.
Monsters Inc. is already gone and Harry Potter really doesn't need to be promoted. So that leaves Lord of the Rings and Jimmy Neutron.
Which one should I go with or should I just do the two.
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Re: Concessions Promotions 14 Nov 2001 15:54 #25684

  • trackfood
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I have never been a real fan of promoting any movies through the use of special "branded" popcorn tubs,bags, cups. First of all, do you use these branded cups/tubs before the movie they are promoting comes out? or Do you use them when the movie is playing at your theatre? Yes, they might be a little more fun,and break up the tubs/cups you always use, BUT DO THEY REALLY ADD ANY PROMOTIONAL VALUE to a movie? Do you really think that customers are looking at the popcorn container and making a decision to see that movie? Trailers,thats how they decide. and IF you're using these containers at the time the movie is out, you're really not doing anything because the people are there and would buy the product no matter what container it is in. It might be a different story if say there was a Monsters Inc large tub and large soda, I would sell that at the same price as my large/large but would call it and display it as the "Monster Combo" or something, might get some extra sales that way if it were marketed correctly. 0therwise, the only time I would use these cups/bags/tubs would be when the manufacturer is really trying to get rid of them,(usually after the movie has played off.Then they are cheaper than your regular containers and you actually save some money.PMG always has clearance containers.
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Re: Concessions Promotions 16 Nov 2001 13:27 #25685

I'm thinking of putting them out a week before and during the run. I think that any kind of promotion is a good promotion. The kids really enjoy the theme cups, bags, ect. and there lies a certain selling plus. Why can't you have a "Wizard's Special" or a "Middle Earth Muntch". I would consider trying it.
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Re: Concessions Promotions 20 Nov 2001 09:57 #25686

  • Mike
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Track is on track. While we have had the branded stuff in it is usually done as a collectible with the really large tubs. They are popular and do add sales that a normal bag or tub does not. That said: there are great deals when the printed stuff is past the show date. If the movie tanks there are really great deals which will then remind your customers about the lousy movie they paid good money for.

Mike Hurley
Michael Hurley
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Re: Concessions Promotions 30 Nov 2001 12:28 #25687

I always try to look to the positive. But Mike has a point. I never even thought of the effect it would have the movie turned out to be a bomb. Good advice to think about.
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