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TOPIC: box office systems

Re: box office systems 31 Jul 2007 11:12 #25379

  • dsschoenborn
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No one should be using Vista for reliable business solutions right now. Vista in its current form probably won't live long. SP1 or even a later release with a slighly different name is worth waiting for for business applications.

See how Dell has pulled out of the vista band wangan and now lets you put XP on almost any machine.
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Re:box office systems 21 Dec 2008 12:38 #30574

  • jacker5
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This thread went dead and was wondering if everyone is still using RTS and happy. Or has there been other theater systems since that have been easier, cheaper and more efficient.
What are the pros and cons. What does everyone recomend for a twin theatre with seperate box office and concession?
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Re:box office systems 22 Dec 2008 11:25 #30578

  • rodeojack
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Good question. I haven't looked. RTS has done everything I really need. Can't really complain about the cost, either. Spread out over the year, it's a pretty good value. For my money there's a company, working full time on keeping their software up to date, and being available if anything goes t/u on mine. That may not be reason enough for everyone, but when I have lines going down to the highway and out every door of my concession building, the last thing I need is a problem with my POS.

It would be interesting though, to see if there really is a package out there that equals RTS on a cost/benefit basis. As far as I know, anything that comes close has proprietary components and/or is a lot more expensive.

Sensible has many of RTS's features, but with it being a buy-out package, there's not the revenue stream back to them, and lower support availability is the trade-off.
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Re:box office systems 22 Dec 2008 17:01 #30583

  • dnedrow
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RTS would seem to offer anything most small theatres would need. Beware one issue, though -- RTS has not been certified as PCI DSS compliant. This is an absolute requirement from the major card companies for software and businesses that capture and process credit card numbers.

I hope they are able to get this in place before I have to make a final decision on software. I may end up opening with "regular" tickets and swipe terminals, and then write my own package -- my previous seventeen years has been primarily spent doing software development.
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Re:box office systems 30 Dec 2008 21:54 #30623

  • MicahWes
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If your cinema isn't very large or busy, and there are some computer savvy people working there, then Sensible Cinema has a pretty good and affordable solution. Since you pay only once and the software is yours, tech support (after one year) won't be as good as RTS. Years ago full support lasted one year, and then email support was free forever. I'm not sure if this is still the case? But, if you are like us, we hardly EVER need tech support. Most of our problems are busted hard drives, bad network swtiches, etc.. These are problems that are easy to solve without outside help. If you desire complicated rewards cards, gift certificate systems, gift cards, assigned seating, table service or similar things, then RTS might be better.
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