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TOPIC: CC terminals

CC terminals 26 Sep 2012 19:53 #39267

  • ttroidl
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I'm looking to put in a CC terminal, cash only just isn't working anymore when you have to turn people away from a purchase you already had SOLD! it's hard enough to get peeps in the door, turning $ away just isn't an option anymore.

any ideas who would be cheap to use?
just stand alone terminal can be dialup, just looking for low rates and good deals on the montly fee's

I have seen plenty of ad's haven't called yet, wanted yur opinons.

Planning to do it late Oct. 1st week of Nov.

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CC terminals 26 Sep 2012 20:03 #39269

  • BusyBee
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I haven't shopped around much, we use Mercury Pay with RTS. Since you're using a standalone terminal, you might ask your bank what they have to offer.

We have a business in our town that uses the square on their iphone. I thought it was completely insane, because she was having her employees use their phones to process cc transactions, but apparently it's legit. However, you have to have a smart phone to work there. :huh:
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CC terminals 26 Sep 2012 20:55 #39271

  • sevstar
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If you have a membership with Sam's Club or Costco check with them. They usually have some pretty good deals for members.
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CC terminals 26 Sep 2012 23:44 #39273

  • leeler
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If you are a CBG member you can get Vantiv for substantial savings. We switched a few months back and our processing fees have gone down a lot. RTS supports them too.
"What a crazy business"
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CC terminals 01 Oct 2012 18:42 #39305

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We now processed 2/3rds of our credit card transactions through an Android cell phone using Square. I've had it for more than a year and started doing the majority of our transactions throuh it in March after Mercury Pay started creating a new fee every month. I love it and found that it works very well after you get comfortable with it. Go to SQUAREUP.COM and read all about it. I bought my current cell phone for $94 on ebay. (You can buy a used phone for less.) You don't actually need to have a cell phone contract on it at all if you have access to wifi in your theater. You just need the cell phone and the Square account. The cost is 2.75% every time you swipe a card. There are no other fees period. If you don't use it it costs you nothing. I do have the customers sign the phone with a stylus as most people are more comfortable with that than a finger. I print the receipt out of RTS as that is much faster than having the customer input enough information into have the phone email or text the receipt. It is just as fast as charging through the RTS terminal. I figured out how to monitor the credit card charges and balance them with my regular RTS reports using the Square online reports. The only reasons why we are not 100% Square is that I don't trust my concession employees to put the correct numbers in the cellphone and I am worried about them dropping/breaking it. I'm considering switching to Ipads and the Square cash register program for my concession stand in the future. RTS may be losing out then on those license fees. In the meantime I still get those monthly statements from Mercury Pay but I save hundreds of dollars every month for all the transactions that they never see. I'm happy :)
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CC terminals 11 Jul 2013 14:02 #40131

  • Barry Floyd
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Gotta agree with BECKWITH on this one. We've used our merchant services through our local bank who in turn farms all of their merchant processing through First Data. We've got two FD-100 terminals in the concessions line, and one in the boxoffice. The fees associated with First Data have made me look to other options. We have a concessions trailer (we're a drive-in) that sits about 100 feet away from the main building, so running a Cat5 cable down there didn't make sense. We ended up using a WIFI only Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 tablet we got from Best Buy, got a free card reader from and it works flawlessly. We process hundreds of dollars worth of concessions sales through that thing on weekend nights and it's never once given us a problem. Reports at the end of the night are a snap, and I merge them right into Quickbooks.

I will probably convert the concessions and boxoffice over to it as well.
Barry Floyd
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Stardust Drive-In Theatre
Watertown, Tennessee
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CC terminals 12 Jul 2013 05:28 #40133

  • revrobor
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My son can offer you a CC system with which you can actually MAKE money. If you'd like info I can have him contact you. PM me with your contact info.
Bob Allen
The Old Showman
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CC terminals 13 Jul 2013 20:18 #40137

  • Mike
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one nice thing about cred cards is that staff cannot get their hands on the cash. :laugh:
Michael Hurley
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