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TOPIC: Projectionist/Asst.Manager Payrates

Projectionist/Asst.Manager Payrates 29 Mar 2005 08:48 #24851

Hi all,

As the topic implies, I wanted to get everyone's feel on pay rates for asst. manager/projectionist employees.

We have a slightly special situation, which I'll explain briefly. We're a non profit, and use volunteers to run the box office and concession stand. Generally we have one paid employee working per night. They work as projectionist and manager. So, their responsibilities include managing the volunteers, handling the money (counting up the deposit), running the booth, and cleaning the theatre. We also only have 1 screen with 2 shows a night. For a typical 6 hour shift, There is about 2-3 hours of work, and 3-4 hours of downtime while the movie plays. (It just doesn't take that long to clean and restock our small concession stand, clean the lobby and bathrooms.)

I try my best to train them well, and they are all competent at film handling and 'film done right.' Generally, we start wages during training period at $6.50, going up at the end of three months to $7.00. Generally, they receive $0.50 raises a year.

As far as our area, we are in Blacksburg, Virginia (home of Virginia Tech.) A town of about 30,000 people with a large support area. We are 4 hours from Richmond and 4 hours from the DC area.

So, with all that information, what do you think? What do you pay your projectionists? I don't believe in minimum wage projectionists, but also realize that this is a fairly easy job compared to other jobs you can get at $7 an hour.

Any and all opinions would be welcomed.

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Re: Projectionist/Asst.Manager Payrates 29 Mar 2005 10:57 #24852

Hi Rance,

We are also a non-profit located in a town of 8,000 (with the college students), 6,000 without.

We train at minimum wage $6.75 and after they pass their state test and become licensed their rate is $9. Our head projectionist (who has been here since 1985) is paid $12.

We have three projectionists and our turnover is very low.
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Re: Projectionist/Asst.Manager Payrates 31 Mar 2005 20:46 #24853

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We start an ASST MGR/PROJ at 6.00 during their 60 day training period. Wage gets bumped up to 7.00 after the training period. In addition to the employee seeing movies for free at our theatre, we have worked out a deal with our competitor for our managers to see movies at their venue, and vice-versa. Employee also will get annual raises too. Our turnover rate is fairly low.
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