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TOPIC: Is this right?

Is this right? 22 May 2001 03:06 #22913

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I just took over the duties of ordering one-sheets, trailers, standees, etc. and was not told anything about it from the previous guy. I am finding out that NSS wants to charge me $5 for each one sheet, and $45 for trailers??? Is this right??? Standees, mini's, buttons, etc, are free if you can get them, but they charge $45 for a trailer?

Please tell me this is not right? We are still stocked with tons of trailers and posters from our previous owners, but Im at a loss as to why 20th Century Fox will give you EVERYTHING for free, and other companies that use NSS want $45 for a trailer?

Any comments?
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Re: Is this right? 22 May 2001 14:56 #22914

The charge on one sheets was shipping we never got charged for trailers. infact most of the time the trailers came automatic. out of the blue. The only charges I ever saw on the invoice was for shipping one sheets and ad slicks. Now it is possible that the trailers were getting charged to a corp account some where that I never saw but at $45 I would be showing a lot of Fox Previews.
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Re: Is this right? 23 May 2001 00:23 #22915

They are charging me $5 each for one sheets, plus $1 for the shipping tube. A recent bill shows $7.55 for a trailer and $5.15 for accessories, which I am assuming to be an ad slick. I recently ordered one ad slick from Technicolor and it cost me $9.50 for shipping. Now that is ridiculous. It should have cost 34 cents. I even told them to fold it and put it in a manilla envelop, but they put it in a tube by itself.
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Re: Is this right? 24 May 2001 16:39 #22916

  • Mike
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Consolidated is the only "out of their mind" materials supplier. Paramount we pay a one time 65.00 per year flat rate and get everything we need. Technicolor has run hot and cold and if they run Digital Delivery like they do materials we are in serious trouble. I've never heard of 45.00 per screen! I called NSS and the phones are now being answered by Technicolor as they are in the process of being melded. I spoke with them and they said, "We don't charge for materials; we charge for delivery." They are going to let me know on rates and I'll post them. I forwarded this posting to Technicolor and expect a response.

Mike Hurley

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Michael Hurley
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