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TOPIC: Can't set the fader on 7

Can't set the fader on 7 18 Feb 2011 00:40 #35319

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if a movie theater can not turn the fader to 7 because the speakers start distorting and clipping if they go to much higher then a 5.5 would it be that the audio processor eq is set to hight or incorrect or could it be the amps set to high I believe they are at about 85% that is what the manager has told me are the settings. I said perhaps someone set your eq to high what do you think?
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Re: Can't set the fader on 7 17 Apr 2011 17:13 #35763

  • rodeojack
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There are several places in your sound system that could contribute to the problem you describe.

Are you qualified as a tech?... meaning, can you get yourself out of a problem if you cause it? Think that over before you choose to work on your own gear. At some point, your auditorium was probably "tuned" by someone with equipment that actually shows the equalization of the room and the balance of the speakers. Turning knobs without that gear can cause problems that are hard to eliminate without that equipment & the knowledge to use it. If you don't have the equipment, at the very least be sure to carefully mark where any control you adjust was before you move it. In the case of equalizers, you can't really get those things close without the alignment gear necessary to do the job. If you don't have that stuff, best to call someone who does.

You didn't say if you were ever able to set the fader at "7". Also, is the auditorium uncomfortably loud at that level? It's possible you just have your amplifiers turned up too high. You could just set your processor to 7 & turn the amps down, but that really doesn't answer anything and only moves the knobs around... possibly with the same results you have now.

1. Your speakers. Drivers can go out, cones can crack. Varmints, both of the two and 4-legged varieties can cause problems. Can you play your pre-show music at full volume without the "clipping" you describe? If yes, the speakers may be fine, and probably also the amplifiers. Your processor could be suspect.

2. Your amplifiers. Does everything, both music and film clip and distort? Can you reduce the clipping by turning off a specific amplifier? If yes, than that's where you start. If no, then your amps might be OK. Can you reduce, or stop the clipping by turning the amplifier level controls down (don't forget to mark where they were before you do this). If yes, then it's likely not the processor... could be the amps are too small... still could be somewhere in the speakers. If no, then it's possible the clipped sound is being fed from the processor.

3. OK... the processor. You didn't say what model you have. Some processors equalize the pre-show music channel. Others don't. If you know what yours does, you can possibly eliminate the processor (or equalizers) by noting if your preshow music does not distort and your film sound does. If everything distorts coming out of the processor, the problem could be there, but it's not certain without knowing what model it is... and even then, possibly not without putting a scope on it. If your preshow music is OK, it could be the preamp for your reader is bad, though a problem here would normally show up no matter what your fader setting is.

I would not recommend touching the equalizers or projector input controls under any circumstance, short of having the equipment and knowledge at hand to properly adjust them. Distortion can possibly be caused by improper adjustment, but it's more likely that you'd notice something irritating about the overall tone quality of the sound, if the equalizer(s) were suspect. If they haven't been played with, that would not be my first choice as a possible source of your problem.
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