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TOPIC: Help - Sound problem

Help - Sound problem 19 Nov 2008 00:58 #30385

I have a CP200 with dts. The sound switched to non-sync during the feature in reel one and again in reel two on the last night of its three-day run. Also, the dts frequently cut out and was quite noticeable. Since I was not there the other two nights I do not know for sure whether this happened then or not. They say it did not.

When breaking down the print, I discovered a missed, previously-applied, centered, cue that my manager failed to see and remove when she built up the print. It was at the end of an attached trailer. Our centered cues go at the end of the print. So, that pretty much explains why the sound switched to non-sync when reel one started. But, why didn't it do it on the first two nights of the run?

And what would cause it to happen again in reel two?

I will go up there and check the status lights on the dts to verify if the signal is good. Any other suggestions?

This is not the theatre where I normally work. I happened to go up to watch the film. What a terrible and embarrassing presentation that was. I do not want it repeated.
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Re:Help - Sound problem 19 Nov 2008 01:52 #30386

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You've got good questions regarding why the film didn't revert during the first two days... don't have an idea there.

I am wondering though, what you normally use the center cue for. Most theatres use the dowser or motor shutdown in their automations to cue the sound processor to non-sync. If you're using film from other theatres, and have a cue that switches sound off of your film, this seems a real risk to me.

Hope you find the problem. If it doesn't turn out to be a loose connector or dirty relay, intermittent cue detection can be a tough one.
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Re:Help - Sound problem 30 Nov 2008 20:51 #30443

The CP200 and digital sound is an interesting beast
Your automation actually doesn't talk to the DTS
the DTS will on sensing timecode and valid disk switch to digital sound with out any CP200 intervention as it breaks the JM11/JM21 bus lines on the input to the EQ cards
since you had nonsync during the dts defaults it would lead me to believe that the CP200 never switched to 04 or 05 which would be the back up optical formats but stayed in 64 or or whatever your nonsync format is
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Re:Help - Sound problem 26 Dec 2008 19:13 #30599

had a similar problem -- ended up having to replace the sound processor, which kept shorting out and restarting, which made the sound go back to its starting point, which for our unit, is "non-sync". This could be corrected by running upstairs and turning it back to surround or stereo A, but what a pain! (it happened to be making a popping noise in the auditorium as well, since the motor was turning off while the amps were still on).
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