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XENON BULB NEEDS A JOLT 06 Jul 2006 07:08 #22422

I am operating a Simplex 35 with a Strong Super Lume-X lamphouse. The power supply is the Strong 8 position swith model.
I am having trouble getting the lamp to light. I have to depress the ignitor switch on top of the lamphouse. Just before that, I discovered it took a couple of strikes to ignite. Someone told me about a relay inside the power supply, I have looked and do not see one.
The lamp is fairly new, about 400 hours. Using Superior bulbs.
I am need to get some advice on what to do.
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Re: XENON BULB NEEDS A JOLT 06 Jul 2006 08:24 #22423

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There are two things that could be causing your problem.

If the lamphouse does try to strike... but maybe slower than it used to, and you have to hold the manual button down longer than just short impulses, you could have a problem in the power supply. There's a separate section in there that provides a higher voltage for striking. With that lamphouse, about the only way to check this is to disable the igniter, then measure the voltage across the large power cables going into the lamphouse. You should get something over 90 volts or so.

If the lamphouse has just stopped trying to ignite, but lights quickly when you press the manual button, your problem is probably in the "igniter board".

This board is mounted on the back plate, inside the lamphouse, toward the bottom. There may be a metal shield covering it, but it's there. It's a circuit board with a relay, a timer chip, a few sundry small parts and several wires that clip to various press-on pins on the terminal strip.

It's not uncommon for the relay contacts to burn. Sometimes, but less often, a diode on the board might go. Either problem would prevent the igniter from automatically striking, but would have no effect on your ability to use the manual strike button.

If you have a good tech in the area, he might be able to rebuild the board. If not, call your service or supply company with the model and serial number of your lamphouse, and order a new board. They're not really expensive.

The board is held in place by 4 plastic pins. Over time, the plastic gets brittle (due to exposure to the xenon light). You may not be able to remove the board without breaking the plastic, so plan on ordering new pins.

In the meantime, make sure you only press the manual ignite button for very short bursts, as extended presses can shorten the life of the bulb and the igniter itself.

This is also a good time to check the fan for any cleaning or oiling it might need, as well as a general cleaning of the lamphouse interior. As always, be careful when working around the bulb.

If the light from the bulb is steady, you're pulling normal current when it's lit and the envelope is clear, your trouble is probably not with the bulb itself.

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