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TOPIC: what would you buy?

what would you buy? 25 Oct 2000 20:40 #20893

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I will be starting out brand-spankin' new opening a 2 screen, possibly as early as next summer. I'm very new to the business (but learning alot here)and know very little about the projection equipment. If you were starting out new (and money is tight), what system would you use? Would you go for digital? If I bought used equipment, say from a closing theater, are their people out there to install it? I have the name of a company in Mass. that sells and installs but I'd like to know what other options I have.

I would also like to utilize local advertising and trivia before the show, probably with slides. Any advice on what equipment I would need for this?

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Re: what would you buy? 26 Oct 2000 14:06 #20894

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Become freindly with you local cinmea equipment supply compnay and see what they have for used equipment. Pardon the plugs, but I'm in Oregon and I use American Cinema Equipment (Portland, OR) becuase they have rooms of used equipment and they respond very quickly to any technical problems i'm having. Cin Tronics in Everett, WA has been great at finding the esoteric equipment i sometimes need.

It is best to establish a relationship with a supplier who you can trust. they will know you and your equipment and can help out. you're going to be dealing with them eventually and it makes 'em much more cooperative if you bought your equipment from them in the first place. The difference between refunding a show and making a deposit will depend on whether your supplier is willing to take your call at 9pm on sunday.

BTW, I'm my place i use a good ol' Strong lamp and power supply, Motograph AA projection head and RCA 9030 sound head. in three years i have never had a problem that has shut me down. They take a little more care than some, but keep on tickin' . . . .
Paul Turner
Avalon Cinema
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Re: what would you buy? 26 Oct 2000 15:28 #20895

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New projectors, I would buy the all singing, all dancing, Kinotone package from Boston Light and Sound.

Used projectors I would buy Century or Simplex.

Used lamphouses or consoles. I would buy Christie or Strong. I like the X-90.

Used platters, I would buy Strong/Potts or Christie Autowind 3. What ever you buy should have removable payout assemblies.

New platters, I might look at The Big Sky platter or the new Speco LP-280.

With a two screen I might be tempted to do a two-projector system with 6,000-foot reels and automated changeovers.

Used make-up table from Kelmar.

And Avalon's advice is right on. That's what we did and that's who we use.
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Re: what would you buy? 26 Oct 2000 16:38 #20896

  • Ken Layton
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Yes, Scott Hicks' American Cinema Equipment is great ( He's got TONS of used as well as new equipment.

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Re: what would you buy? 26 Oct 2000 16:42 #20897

Me personally would steer away from used rquipment But if I was going that route I would stick with Simplex of all the projectors I have messed with the Simplex have been the most reliable. The Centurys for me have been a nightmare (even though now thay are made by the same company.) I am looking at the "electronic" stepper motor projectors wich I guess one is the afforementioned from Boston Light and sound.
I have done installs in the past. You may pick my brain if you need more help.
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Re: what would you buy? 10 Jun 2001 09:20 #20898

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I prefer Independent Theatre Supply. Stay away from Cinex, although, they can give you a free quote to let you know how much the equipment will be (!

I'll get Independent's number.

Will this be Hollywood, discount or art? Is it in an existing theatre, from scratch or in a building, but the space needs to be renovated to a theatre?

Grand Cameo
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Re: what would you buy? 11 Jun 2001 01:22 #20899

I use Cinetech. They are located in Stowe PA. Years ago they were the service tech. for Fox Theatres and are use to being on call at any time. I operate a twin & Bruce has kept my 25 year old booth working. I have Christie/Century SA, Strong/Potts 5 deck platters & a stereo rack. Right now he is looking for a used DTS unit to replace the one that Carmike removed. I also hope to upgrade the other side to a used DTS/stereo rack soon. I use to swear by everything new, but after you look at the pricetag...used will do just fine. I can't wait for the next auction!!!
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