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TOPIC: The Ratings/New Slant

The Ratings/New Slant 06 Apr 2001 10:38 #19649

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I know we've been around the block on this topic but I think a found something we didn't cover.
Most of the movie goers these days are pre-teen and teens. If I'm correct on this, how come there are so many - PG13 - and - R - rated movies out there.
This is my guess. Rather then just getting the kids into the theater with a - G - or - PG - rating, the movie industry sticks a - PG13 - rating on them so then the kids have to be with a parent or guardian,therefore, the ticket take is greater.
Anyone have a different idea?
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Re: The Ratings/New Slant 06 Apr 2001 12:45 #19650

I don't think that is thier thought I think that they think if you put PG OR G on it its a movie only for kids and no one will want to see it. You stick R on it and underagers will try all kinds of ways to sneak in. It makes them want to go see it. Take American Pie I had to post people at the door and exit door of the auditorium to keep people from sneaking in. Its a ruse to make kids want to see what ever is "dirty" in the film
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Re: The Ratings/New Slant 06 Apr 2001 13:17 #19651

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Ok, here goes, with many thanks to John Waters.

The problem today with the rating system is that they have this NC-17 rating that nobody knows what to do with. In Europe they are already experimenting with this new concept. So here it is.

What we need in America is for a major Hollywood star to go full coitus on screen. After all this is the last frontier. If a major Hollywood star goes full coitus on screen then the rating system is dead. So who’s it going to be? Kate Hudson? How about George Clooney? I know, since he seems too randy in real life, we could have Arnold Swartzaneger do Julia Roberts.

Once we have major Hollywood stars going at each other for real on screen, who is going to worry about a few swear words?

Just kidding.
Most of this stuff is better left to the imagination.

I think that films like books are there to shock and amuse and to let the people see what would never happen in their real life. It lets people live life through another’s eyes for a while. Most movies at best provoke thought and at worst inhibit thought. But I don’t think they are dangerous or that they incite people to do anything they are not destined to do.

I have a sort of lenient attitude towards the rating system. If you’re old enough to slap $8 down on my counter, you’re old enough for the picture show.
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