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TOPIC: Those Who Track

Those Who Track 10 Nov 2000 11:47 #19522

  • take2
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Is it really a good idea to use the tracking system for judging movie grosses. They seem to me to be very inpredictable. Case in point would be preditions that the "Patriot" would win out over "Perfect Storm". It didn't happen. Currently "Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2" is bombing to the tune of only 13 mil., while "Meet the Parents" is at 116 mil. so far. So who's to say. Do we people who play these movies really take heed to these predictions. Oh, and by the way, I hear that in the year 2030 a great comet will hit the earth and make "Deep Impact" look like child's play.
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Re: Those Who Track 11 Nov 2000 19:54 #19523

  • Mike
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I read 5-6 magazines, attend two trade shows, a daily paper, weekend paper, watch Show Biz on CNN @ 4:30, subscribe to a 360.00 per year advice IME service and all so that I can try to guess what the next movie is that will do well. ....of course we pay attention to "tracking"!!!!!!!!! Don't you???????? If not..who does it for you? Sombody better be paying attention.

Where do people get "{tracking" information. I always here the film co's saying "it's tracking really well!" but I have never seen tracking info where it was accessible. I know that EDI has it but at a cost of big bucks. Anywhere else????

Mike Hurley
Michael Hurley
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Re: Those Who Track 11 Nov 2000 21:34 #19524

Only "tracking info" I could get was talking to the bookers at corp. I was told Rush Hour would not do well and it was one of my best runs. I had the longest run of US Marshalls than any where in the us ( so my booker said) It helped that they filmed it 6 miles from here and everyone "claimed" to be in it.
I pay no attention to the moie reviewers because 9 times out of ten they are dead wrong.
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Re: Those Who Track 13 Nov 2000 14:11 #19525

  • poppajoe
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Wait a minute Mike. Easy boy. I wasn't saying saying so much that I wasn't paying attention. My main concern was with acuracy. Some say a movie will be a big grosser and then they get run over by a movie thats not so good, according the those who make the predictions. So I guess what I was getting at is, "HOW DO YOU REALLY KNOW?"
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