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Re:HOW MANY BELONG TO NATO? 24 Sep 2009 20:19 #32427

  • Orpheum
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I have been in the business for 38 years and in my opinion NATO is all about the big boys and only pays lip service to independents.

Years ago I would listen to the yearly speech by Jack Valenti who would always preach how great it was that, overall, revenues are up even though attendance is down. They would consistently encourage an upward tick in ticket prices and slowly but surely drive the family demographic away.

I entered several times in the marketing and achievement awards for showest and quickly found out that independents simply cannot win against the chains.
It may sound like sour grapes but I was regularly beaten by lame coloring contests when my promotions would take months of planning and preparation.

I happen to be conservative and find the remarks about the rating system baseless. I am now watching as the minumum wage is climbing and the government is going to fine me for not providing health care. We all face tax increases and the list goes on. Small business is the driving force to economic growth and creating new jobs. Get government out of our way and lets see how we do.
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Re:HOW MANY BELONG TO NATO? 25 Sep 2009 13:11 #32432

  • BusyBee
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Well I'm an independent, leaning liberal lately. I guess I am not as concerned about the health insurance tax because, like a lot of small theaters, I have fewer than 15 employees, myself being the only full time employee, and I have a total revenue of only a half million a year. I'm under 30, healthy as a horse and still have to pay over $400 per month for health insurance (on my own, not through the business). Even so, I would still be willing to pay a tax for health insurance, even the "soda tax." Call me crazy, but that's my opinion.

The minimum wage here is $8.40, which is ridiculous. I think the minimum wage should be handled differently, where 16 year olds living with their parents are on a different scale than those who are over 18 and supporting themselves.

The remarks about the ratings system being baseless is because NATO has done a good enough job that the ratings system hasn't been able to become a major political issue. Without NATO it would be a political issue, and it would take a lot of $$ to defend the system as-is, which we independents don't have. So, thanks to NATO for that.

I agree that NATO is all about the big boys and barely even pays lip service to independents, but I do appreciate being informed about the issues concerning the industry (mostly through the 10 or so emails I get everyday) and having a big organization ready to go to bat for all of us from the top. The Box Office magazine subscription is nice, and it has become a better publication lately.
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Re:HOW MANY BELONG TO NATO? 26 Sep 2009 12:52 #32438

  • Mike
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lively debate is fine: the rules here are say what you mean and mean what you say but play nice.

I live in a small town and there's a saying: you can tell a lot about someone by how they treat someone they think they don't need.

I need every one of you people. "What do you mean "you people"? :)
Michael Hurley
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Re:HOW MANY BELONG TO NATO? 02 Oct 2009 05:39 #32454

  • crazybob
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I was a member of NATO in 2006.
In 2008 I acquired my own drive-in, but I haven't rejoined yet. I'm a retired rural letter carrier & get health coverage through my civil service pension.

My new one has two. Are the Nato dues adjusted according to the # of screens?
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