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TOPIC: New theatre business plan

New theatre business plan 20 Oct 2003 15:26 #6543

  • Cappy
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Can someone help me with a business plan template for a 2/3 screen independent/art cinema?

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Re: New theatre business plan 20 Oct 2003 18:33 #6544

  • revrobor
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Your business plan should include:

1. A summary of the business including your plan for running it, the population base you will serve and the seating capacity .

2. Your background and/or the background of any partners.

3. Monthly income projection and info on what you base that projection.

4. Monthly expense projection including number of employees and payroll.

5. Profit and loss statement.

6. A capital equipment list. (Your equipment dealer can give you this.)

7. Capital requirements.

8. A sketh or plan of the project.

This is what was included in my business plan after consulting with two SCORE volunteers. Hope it helps.

Bob Allen
The Old Showman
Bob Allen
The Old Showman
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Re: New theatre business plan 21 Oct 2003 08:41 #6545

  • NanEman
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I would also suggest buying a book on how to write a good business plan. There are lots of different books, and you can pick and choose among the categories to best fit your business.

Make sure you have a complete industry analysis and a detailed discussion on any and all competition the theater will have.

Also include a marketing plan, resumes of management and include in your financials:

Summary of Financial Needs and Dispersal of Investment Funds

Assumption for Financial Projections

5 Year Income Projections

Pro-forma Cash Flow Statement

Break-Even Analysis

Additional Revenue Sources (addl. revenue centers)

Financial Objectives & Investment Summary

You can get lots of industry stats from NATO's website and from their yearbook. You can use their charts right from the yearbook for exhibits that reference back to your text.

Our business plan took 6 months of research, but it was well worth it.

Don't overlook the SBA when starting your hunt for investment capital. A good business plan will get you where you want to go.


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Re: New theatre business plan 21 Oct 2003 09:09 #6546

  • Mike
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There's basic software "write your own biz plan" that's pretty good.

Of course then you have to live with your plan.
Michael Hurley
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Re: New theatre business plan 22 Oct 2003 16:36 #6547

  • Barry Floyd
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Find your local SCORE Chapter.

It was a tremedous help for us when it came time to writing our plan.
Barry Floyd
Floyd Entertainment Group
Lebanon, Tennessee

Stardust Drive-In Theatre
Watertown, Tennessee
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Re: New theatre business plan 24 Oct 2003 13:32 #6548

  • Rialto
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A business plan is only as good as the time/effort you put into it. The business plan for our 5 screen arthouse went through 4 or 5 total revisions and lots of versions inbetween. I spent the better part of 18 months working on it. A few tips:

It's important to take a break from it from time to time so that you can pick it up a couple of weeks later and see the thing in its entirety with an objective eye.

The value of doing the research and digging through each and every line of the p&l and balance sheet cannot be underestimated. A good business plan will give you an indepth understanding of how the numbers work and how a slight change in revenue can dramatically effect your bottom line and/or cash position.

Find people you trust and respect, who you aren't asking to invest (yet), to read your plan and give you their feedback, questions, etc. This will help the plan be more ready when you get to the financing stage of starting a business.

Some resources:
Biz Plan Building is an excellent software template and book, but it does need some customization for the theatre business. A great starting point.

S. Abrahmson's business planning book has excellent tools for helping you build your budget, p&l, etc. She makes it easy by breaking things down into simple schedules which then plug into the financial model.

Read Paul Hawken's excellent book "Growing A Business" It is, in my opinion, the best book about starting, owning and operating a small business that has ever been written.

One thing that doesn't get mentioned much when people talk about starting a movie theatre business is looking at the publically filed statements from major corporate theatre companies on EDGAR. There is a wealth of little nuggets of info burried in the text of these documents. Admittedly there is a lot of boiler plate and junk to dig through, but the management's discussion of operating results is usually pretty interesting and thought provoking.

You mentioned considering a discount theatre. As a successful arthouse exhibitor, I would strongly encourage you to take a look at the art film or speciality as we like to call it, business. If you have a passion for good films and have great customer service and marketing skills, the art business may be for you. One thing that doesn't get talked about much but is true is that adults who patronize arthouse theatres are more frequent moviegoers than the average adult. They are typically more educated and are also much more demanding in terms of the cinema experience. They are also very, very loyal if you respect them and treat them right.

Good luck!
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