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TOPIC: Cinemacon report 1

Cinemacon report 1 02 Apr 2014 18:07 #40760

  • Mike
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After 19 hours from the time I left my Maine dooryard to the time I walked into my sweet room at Tuscany Suites I was exhausted. There's little good ways to get to Las Vegas or anywhere far away from northern Maine.The next day I went hiking near Lake Mead, actually where Lake Mead use to be. It has fallen over 150 feet. Turns out they built Hoover Dam at a peak period of wetness over the last 1400 years and things do not look good for the lake, the dam (if it falls another as projected 25' it will be unable to generate electricity) and the entire area including that small town called Vegas. I'm out hiking and I look over and about 200 yards away a German Shepherd sized coyote is trotting past me. Like I do not exist. Which was fine as I was lacking in anything to tussle with a coyote. I don't know if they ever attack but I felt a clear disadvantage. I'm in a slot canyon later and I come face to face with another one. WE both choose to reverse course. The next day I took the Neon Sign Museum guided tour and the last time I was there it was a pile of junked signs, very historic stuff, but not very arrayed. Now it is a genuine museum in a historic motel building moved there in 8 parts and the whole place is very visitable. And then it was off to the show.

Cinemacon is not inexpensive. After you spend 850.00 to register, 500.00 to get there. and 350.00 for 6 nights at the Tuscany if you can do it for less than 2000.00 you are a better man than I. I accept every last thing they give me: food, gifts, events, etc. I will barely sleep over the next four days. For me. For the rest of you 6 hour of sleep people? You'll be fine. Basically I left my room at about 7 am each day and made it back in at 12:30 or so. All show. It is that scheduled.

Well.... I thought I had my show book here and I do not. So I cannot recall everything. So I will just leave this here as I will write a day to day.

But before we go.... Angelina Jolie is introducing her film Unbroken... an amazing true story wwhich we saw a long footage of, coming Christmas, I've read the book..... and so should you... anyway...hse is kind of trance inducing and striking and I am sitting there about 50' from her and while she's speaking you could hear a pin drop... she had the audience in her paws... and my phone starts to ring. I've got one of those cool apps so it rings like a fire alarm old school phone sound and I felt like I had it set on 11. I can't claw it out of my pocket and i9t's ringing. I finally get it out an I am slapping it like a monkey tring to disturb a turtle and I am so out of it all I can do is get up and run out wrapped around the thing to muffle it. That's how cool I am.

More later.....
Michael Hurley
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Cinemacon report 1 03 Apr 2014 09:15 #40761

  • leeler
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I totally heard that phone when Angelina Jolie was speaking. Ha! Didn't recognize you
"What a crazy business"
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Cinemacon report 1 25 Apr 2014 20:55 #40836

  • slapintheface
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Mike did you see the new laser projector ??
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