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TOPIC: leasing projection equipment

leasing projection equipment 22 May 2012 11:36 #38521

  • actapon
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i've contacted a couple of vendors, but i'm not getting quick responses. In setting up my business plan, one of my biggest startup costs is the projection equipment. Going digital out of the gate is going to cost me minimum 70k per screen (based on forum posts i've read online here).

With the technology changing so fast, I think this is an opportunity I would be better served by leasing the equipment over a 3 year period with an option to buy. This leaves me an opportunity to change out the equipment if major changes were introduced or are on the cusp of being introduced... or... buy the hardware after i've established my business.

Problem is I can't find a lot of information, vendors, or even a budgetary guideline for how much i should expect leasing this equipment would cost. Has anyone any experience with this that could give some advice?
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Re: leasing projection equipment 22 May 2012 13:31 #38523

  • Mike
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I have not heard of any leases such as you are suggesting/ Have you called Sonic? The problem for them is that they are all deeply buried in a gold rush as the avalanche of conversion is in full storm. What state are you located in?
Michael Hurley
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Re: leasing projection equipment 22 May 2012 15:53 #38526

  • rufusjack
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Mike is correct.

This is a gold rush for equipment dealers and financing companies. Do not be concerned about leasing vs financing. It is practically the same thing. The leasing/financing companies do NOT want to take the equipment back from you. Your buyout will be set-up as $1 in most cases.

You need to contact equipment companies first and they recommend who to use for financing. You will find plenty listed in these forums.

American Cinema Equipment
Sonic Equipment
Tri-State Theater
Universal Cinema Services
Bright star

and there is plenty more.

Personally, I would wait a year to see where prices go. Just sit tight. The need to get a deal done now is to get your VPF financing which you will not qualify for.
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Re: leasing projection equipment 23 May 2012 11:55 #38530

  • actapon
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Located in Wisconsin.

Disappointing that there aren't lease to buy programs...

I was aiming for an early Q2 2013 opening so that i could open in time for summer - seemed like if i had control over a date, i should aim for then. I'll keep my eye on the projection market, but without VPF, the barrier to entry in this industry is going to be quite high for new comers
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Re: leasing projection equipment 24 May 2012 07:22 #38537

  • JPRM
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Man, I know what you mean. The leases I've seen are done through lenders, not dealers, and they don't want to offer a lease to anyone without a track record.

The cost of converting to digital is actually one reason I've thought of a one-screen as a good way to get into the theater business. I see all these folks with multi-screen theaters in a panic. Meanwhile, I'm converting just one screen and was lucky enough to find a great deal on digital.
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Technology equipment leasing . 26 May 2012 04:37 #38541

  • DennisAcker
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Welcome to Leasing Technology, a premier technology equipment leasing company that works with hundreds of businesses nationwide to provide the best in technology financing.

Technology equipment leasing.
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