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TOPIC: New and sorta(?) stupid...

New and sorta(?) stupid... 09 May 2010 00:59 #33915

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I honestly don't know the first thing about running a theater; I'm a historic preservation student who has to work out a feasibility study for reusing a historic building in economics class...but I have to thank everyone here for helping with a wealth of info just from my lurking. (You, the folks at cinematreasures and a gent from B & B have patiently helped save my bacon on this so far.) The more I look, the more I'm sure the building I picked couldn't work out as a theater after all, but I have to finish this assignment assuming it is (FWIW, it's a great old Christian Science church built like an auditorium and if my calculations are good can easily gobble up 350 with plenty of space for handicapped access/seating, wide seats w/cups and legroom for everyone else and a 70-ft. screen--anyone have any other ideas for a fabulous 1926 stone octagon? We sell cheap! ;) ) So, I have to ask some questions just to confirm, I tried to find out what I could before posting, and sorry if they're dumb--
1. I can either pay a fee OR pay 50+% of my box office take to the film companies for a movie, right? And it does make my life easier to get a booker, which can cost around $150 a month? If (that I should be so lucky) I could lean heavily on stuff like Night of the Lepus and Mothra vs. Godzilla, would this sort of thing cost much if it goes by fees?
2. The concession stand is a lifesaver, and you can expect to make $2-3 per person. How much does it cost to keep a soda fountain (gas, syrup) and popcorn machine (I'm with the lady from CA and like the idea of organic or non-GMO popcorn with real butter and there's local growers--though I know this would kill me cost-wise, I know I'd shell out for real butter) running per month and how many people can I expect to buy per show? IIRC, I can hopefully expect 20% of the seats filled per show, right?
3. I took a shot in the dark at 1,000 cu.ft. water by the water department's billing (7,480) gallons and 1162Kwh for a single-screen theater (yes, I know, this is hotly debated/not recommended for most theater owners) per mo. Is this about right? And maintenance, about how much are contracts? Ushers?
4. Is there any major across-the-board for everyone thing I forgot, something overlooked?
5. Any recommendations on Rocky Horror?
6. Thanks again!
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Re:New and sorta(?) stupid... 09 May 2010 14:03 #33917

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I'm not sure about the specific demographics of your area, but the nationwide effective utilization rate for the top 50 theater chains is right at ~15% annually, using my 2009 set of NATO statistics. By that, I mean (on an annual basis) that for every seat sold, you will have ~6.66 empty ones in your theater.

If you'd like more detail on how I derived this figure, contact me via private message and I will be happy to lay out the formula for you.
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