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TOPIC: My 3D Experience

My 3D Experience 15 Jan 2010 16:23 #33119

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Yesterday I took the time to take a busmans holiday and go to the movies. I decided it was about time that I finally experience what the new 3D technology is all about. I realize that it won't be long before I have to install Digital projection equipment, and will also have to make the decision whether to go all the way and add 3D as well. I had not, up until now, seen any of the new digital 3D presentations, and have always been skeptical.

I went to my local Carmike where they are running Avatar in both 2D and 3D. I went about 15 minutes earlier then the advertised showtime for a 3D presentation, and asked if I could sit in on an already running 2D presentation for a few minutes, and then move to the 3D screen so that I could experience the difference. They were very accommodating, and allowed me to do just as I requested. It was about 1:45 when I entered the 2D auditorium and there were about a dozen people there. At 2 PM I moved to the 3D auditorium to catch the beginning of the show there. I watched the entire show there. It was very good... the movie that is. Not fantastic, but very enjoyable. I'd give it an 8.5 to maybe even a 9 on a 10 scale.

The 3D is by far the best that I have ever seen. The glasses were not a problem. They were comfortable. They have come a long way since the horrible paper things with the blue and red lenses. The effects on the screen were interesting. The depth perception is nice, but for me, not necessary. When it came to the part that I had already seen, the difference was obvious, but not enough to make me want to pay extra for it.

So when I was leaving the theatre, what was my overall reaction? Well, it didn't grab me and shake me, and make me say WOW... that was Terrific! It made me feel more like I have had a very enjoyable time. It was a good movie with nice 3D effects. I wouldn't mind doing that 2 or 3 times a year, but I don't want to pay those prices every time I go to the movies, and I don't need that 3D experience to enjoy a movie. A good story, well filmed with an enjoyable soundtrack will do just fine.

What did that do to influence me about my own installation? Well, I can't say for sure as of now. Being a $3.00 2nd run theatre I'm convinced that it will do nothing to increase my business. Certainly not enough to ever pay back the cost invested for it. But then when did I ever use that excuse as a reason to justify the expense for all the other improvements that I have done to the theatre?

Oh, and one other thing. I had mentioned earlier that there were about a dozen people at the 2D showing. I was the only one at the 3D showing. I'm not sure what that means... if anything.
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Re:My 3D Experience 15 Jan 2010 20:07 #33122

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As is often the case i find the posts from Roxy insightful and acurrate. Will the 3d pay for itself-not sure. Is the 3d experience positive-my customers overwhelmingly like it. Is adding 3d an upgrade-yes. When looked at like new seats, digital sound, real butter etc 3d is one more arrow in the arsenal to keep your theater relevant. I am not finding any resistance to the modest upcharge for 3d($1.00)-sold out tonight sold out 4 out of 7 shows last week.
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