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TOPIC: A Day in the Life of a Theatre Operator

A Day in the Life of a Theatre Operator 23 Oct 2001 15:45 #2209

How alike or different are we? I have often wondered if anyone shares the same schedules or routines as I do. I would like to know what your day is like.....

My day usualy starts at 10 or 11 AM, usually its the later. I dont get to bed until way after midnight because like most of you I do not get home until sometimes 12:30 and I am not one of those people who can just walk in and go to sleep. It takes me awhile to get unwound from being at the show. I usually play online or watch TV until at least 2-3 AM and then maybe I go to sleep.

I am not a morning person and shutter at the thought of having to do morning shows for special groups because in the ealry mornings I am not a very nice person to be around.

The last few mornings, I have been awaken by early morning calls from technicolor, the concession supply and Paramount. ERRRRRRR!!!!

I find that we are unique individuals and people who operate a business in the "real" world can not even possibly relate to us, our hours, our business.

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Re: A Day in the Life of a Theatre Operator 23 Oct 2001 22:22 #2210

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Looks very similar, T. Eric. I usually have a couple hrs a day chasing leaks in the roof, hanging soundfold, scraping gum, adding removing trailers, or rolling naked in all the money I made the night before (you're welcome, for that image). NO ONE has my home number. Techni-boo-boo can leave a messege like everyone else on the office voice mail(except they usually leave seven or eight messeges AFTER I called and set up a pick up time). My booker will call only if something's on fire.

Not to dwell on it, but I spend so much time "playing" to my customers, when I'm not running a show, I pretty much keep control over who I have to interact with. The last customer who called my house for show times now has permanent hearing damage from my diatribe (should have at least found out where he got my number . . .) Also, my partner is a therapist, so our "away from the office" life is exclusivly ours (She had nightmares after seeing "What About Bob?").
Paul Turner
Avalon Cinema
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