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TOPIC: Help! Processor problems!

Help! Processor problems! 16 Apr 2008 19:36 #18246

I've searched high and low for the answer to my question with no luck.

I have a SMART MOD IIC 6 channel stereo processor that is giving me troubles.

I am new at not only owning a movie theater, but also with being a projectionist, so my trouble is (hopefully) easily diagnosable, although I did have a projection repair guy come look at it and scratch his head and not understand why it is doing what it is doing.

Sometimes (not always, but about 1 in every 5 showings), the processor will switch from it's Stereo A setting to "Mono", and someone meekly comes out saying "There's no sound in the movie..."

Fixing it is just as easy as touching the Stereo A button again.

We have had to literally sit and babysit it before, and our record is about 10 times (having it "go out").

Our other processor (for our second screen) works fine, no problem.

What on earth could cause this? Does something need cleaned? Do I need a new one? Is the soundtrack possibly not "catching" on something?

It doesn't happen always, which is odd. And sometimes it does it only once.

The program never tells it to switch to mono.

Any information on this subject would be GREATLY appreciated. We have even considered baby monitors! Sheesh!

A puzzled projectionist,

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