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TOPIC: The Ticket Booth

The Ticket Booth 04 Jun 2001 12:52 #1755

  • take2
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While working the ticket booth one evening a woman came up to the booth who was obviously a little more then drunk. She pushed into the line and demanded a ticket. Trying to be as diplomatic as possible I told her that she wouldn't be allowed in the theater in the condition she was in. That was a mistake because she insisted that she was totally sober. Well, needless to say there was a a lot of commotion and the manager had to come and simmer things down. After it was all over I got to thinking about what was the best way to handle the situation. What would have worked better and what kind of stories do have from the ticket window box.
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Re: The Ticket Booth 04 Jun 2001 16:31 #1756

  • RoxyVaudeville
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Dealing with drunks has always been a touchy problem, thank goodness not one that occurs very often. It took me several years and a few embarrassing encounters to come up with the best proceedure.

If an obviously intoxicated person comes up to the box office, the cashier will buzz for me, at which time I will go out front and address the person in the following manner: "Excuse me, but from the manner in which you approached the theatre it appears to us that you may have had a bit too much to drink. If indeed we are wrong, we certainly apologize and shall extend to you a complimentary pass for admission. If you will please just wait until the police arrive, they will make the determination, at which time if we are wrong you may enter free, however if we are correct you will be leaving with them." They always quickly leave and never wait for the police to arrive! One other important note... always take them aside, never accuse them of anything in front of other people. If they are so drunk that they won't be receptive to your suggestion, then by all means just go ahead and call the police and let them deal with it.
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Re: The Ticket Booth 04 Jun 2001 17:10 #1757

Roxy's advice is how we handles this problem. although it was nice that I had a deputy as security and that I was a deputy. although I could not police my own theatre because of concflict of intrest issus. but I usually called the police if my deputy was not around. I can remeber only one instance of this.

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Re: The Ticket Booth 06 Jun 2001 00:20 #1758

  • MovieGuy
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I wouldn't let them in. The last time our box office sold a ticket to a drunk, the box person got the fun job of cleaning off the puke on the restroom wall. I kicked the person out, who claimed not to be drunk. This was probably the most expensive night of his life, as I also tipped of the men in blue when I saw the car that he poured himself into.
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Re: The Ticket Booth 07 Jun 2001 09:00 #1759

  • Mike
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Eight years of bartending prepped me for this. Never speak to them so that anyone else can hear. It always inflames and embarasses. Keep it soft and non confrontational and firmly say "I'm sorry but we can't sell you a ticket tonight. We hope you'll come back soon." If they don't get it and become obnoxious I don't hesitate to call the police. Being drunk is not a crime. In my book being a jerk or a drunk jerk is grounds for "open season". You ALWAYS piss off more customers by NOT calling the police than you ever will by making the call. I never regretted calling a cop. I have often regretted waiting too long. It is always better to call. The cops will only say..... "You have been asked to leave will you leave now sir?" If he isn't smart enough to know what comes next it sounds like he needs a crisis in his life.

By the way.... one our best customers now is a guy who years ago was drunk and coked out of it in my bar and in getting him out the cops broke his arm and put him in jail and hosptal for 1 month. He still comes to the movies! No obvious drunks allowed!

Mike Hurley

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Michael Hurley
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Re: The Ticket Booth 07 Jun 2001 14:18 #1760

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Some fine comments. I learned that you must
never state that a potential patron is
drunk or on drugs because you and your
employees are not medical professionals. All
yu can do is suggest something like . . .
excuse me, it appears you may be under the
influence . . ." Then give them directions
to the nearest AMC theater.
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Re: The Ticket Booth 11 Jun 2001 15:50 #1761

  • Avalon
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Roxy's is the best, if you have the time. Mike is right taht you have to keep it between you and them and not make it a spectator sport. Unfortunatly, our box office is inside the theater and we have to work fast and firm before they get too comfy being "inside."

"I'm sorry, we reserve the right to refuse service to anybody. We're not selling you a ticket tonight. If that's a problem, I'll call the police and we'll see which one of us leaves in hand cuffs."

"Do you really want to see Pokemon 14? That's all we have playing on all our screens."

"It a wonderful Chezolovkian film which explores the inner essence of limbo as expressed in the clestrial plan through a homosexual encounter. There's lots of seating."

"No show tonight. We're having a state wide AA convention. How many tickets did you want?"

Paul Turner
Avalon Cinema
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