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image3.pngWhat is this place and what are we doing here? Simple. It is foremost; a place for you, wherever you may be, and in whatever part of the film industry you might call home, to talk about whatever subject you want. If you don't like talking; read and learn.

You won't find many civilian film fans or moviegoers here. What you will find are working people from the world over who are in the business of making films. Distributing, exhibiting, or providing the equipment and services that make our industry run.

Think of as a night club; Our job has been to build a comfortable, safe, friendly place where you can get decent service, find what you are looking for and have a good time.

And since we cater to adults we're not going to tell you what to talk about once you get in the place. Look around, relax, take your time, and speak your mind. Or be a wallflower. It is up to you.

We do other business than just talk here. Now open for business: the first business to business online auction for our industry; filmmaking, exhibition, concessions; whatever you're selling or looking for; start here. Classified ads that are fast and cheap. And there's more to come. We're working here!

In Paris and Philadelphia, from Sofia to San Francisco, Baton Rouge or Bangkok, in New York City and New Delhi, and Hollywood too.... We're all in the movies, the art and business of filmed storytelling. We're all here. What do you want to say? What do you want to hear?


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